Finally, a fuzz that maintains note definition.  This discrete fuzz/overdrive hybrid creates a massive result that boasts plenty of fuzz and sustain but allows tighter definition of chords and arpeggios. Thundering fuzz drive at full gain and warm sweet nuances at low gain.  Especially transparent and fair-handed to guitars.  Excellent impedance response with Wahs. 

"Texture" function sweeps from top-end gain and harmonics with plenty of sizzle to a deeper robust and "slower" fuzz that's been starved of voltage.  At full gain with the texture knob cranked, this effect can often sound like a slowly moving EQ (dark to bright) triggered each time you strike the strings.  Absolutely superb for slow bends.  With the texture knob dropped you'll find yourself digging the depths with a massive lumbering fuzz sound that's anything but delicate.

Devistating fuzz, note clarity intact, enjoy.

Heavy Electronics Grind Fuzz


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